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Got a research grant from Yuumi Memorial Foundation for Home Health Care.



My research was presented at Neurorehabilitation workshop organized by Kio University.

Title: Approach to brain plasticity in elderly and stroke patient.



My article was accepted for publication in the book "Physical Therapy", InTech, ISBN 978-953-51-5292-7.

Title: Motor imagery and action observation as effective tools for physical therapy.



My lecture was held at Rakuwakai Otowa Hospital.

Title: Neuroscience and rehabilitation for motor recovery of stroke patient.



Our research was presented at 6th Congress of Japan Society of Health Promotion and Physical Therapy.

Title: Effect of insoles with a toe-grip bar on toe function and standing balance in healthy individuals: a randomized controlled trial.


Collaborator's research paper was accepted.

Title: Relationships among Floating Toes, Toe Functions, and Static / Dynamic Balance.



My lecture was held at 4th Annual Meeting of Center for Brain and Rehab. 

Title: What is intelligence in rehabilitation research?



My lecture was held at Kyoto Kizugawa Hospital.

Title: Rehabilitation strategy based mechanism of motor recovery after stroke.



Japanese version of the KVIQ was made in Kyoto Tachibana University, supported by Prof. Francine Malouin at Laval University and CIRRIS.



My lecture was held at Biwako Youikuin Hospital.

Title: Assessment and rehabilitation for apraxia in stroke patient.



Collaborator's research paper was accepted.

Title: Development of Insoles (Shoe Inserts) to Improve the Toe Grip Function.



My lecture was held in Fukuoka, sponsored by Center for Brain and Rehab.

Title: Does neuroimaging contribute to motor recovery after stroke?



Got a research grant from Advanced Science, Technology & Management Research Institute of Kyoto.



Collaborator's research paper was published.

Title: Improvement of Gait Function by Increasing the Contribution of Peripheral Sensation from the Ankle during Postural Control in a Patient with Stroke: A Case Report.



Collaborator's research paper was published.

Title: Effects of vibratory stimulation-induced kinesthetic illusions on the neural activities of patients with stroke.

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